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Dr. Meyer

Hi Andrea -

I largely agree with that philosophy, but am not sure who uses that language to describe their concepts. I would suggest using the words differently based on the reading I have done.

Emotion research focuses on what happens in the body and is conducted on animals as well as people (even fruit flies have emotions!). Feelings are the experience of emotion and they therefore often reflect "the stories we tell our selves about what we are feeling" and they often involve associations that take "us out of the moment and into our past."

Andrea Vuk

My understanding of feelings is that feelings are what happens in the moment and emotions are the stories we tell our selves about what we are feeling, takes us out of the moment and into our past. Have you ever heard of this philosophy?

запчасти faw

Oi, eu sou Mateus Askaripour, conhecido mais como Matt, foi convenientemente colocado dentro de uma família de cinco rapazes, em Long Island, Nova York. Obrigado por seu blog agradável.

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