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Dr. Meyer

I see from these comments that different emotions disturb different people, which has been my experience. It is useful to think back to how these emotions were handled in your families. Usually, we learn about which emotions are "unacceptable" from our families. This is usually taught to us implicitly rather than explicitly, with looks rather than words.

Rachel B

the entire idea of the private eye is very interesting. i never really think about looking into myself to really think about how i am feeling. i have never sat down and really considered my emotions. i think out of the 5 basic emotions sorrow makes me most uncomfortable because it means there i am unhappy. not only do i find it most uncomfortable in myself, but as well when i see it in others, specifically if i have caused them to feel that way.

Steph D

Sorrow makes me feel the most uncomfortable out of the five basic emotions. This is because all people handle sorry very differently. It is difficult to help friends when they are sad because you never know if they want to just be alone, or the type that like to be cheered up with hugs. Emotions like this cause people to be emotionally confused, but using your private eye you can help determine how to clarify other people's emotions!

Rachel K

Fear makes me the most uncomfortable. This is not because of the fear itself, but it is what the fear can people to do. It is an uncontrollable, irrational emotion that often leads to unwanted actions. Additionally, fear creates a sense of weakness in humans. Many go to great lengths to hide it for it makes them vulnerable to the outside world and other people. Fear also consitute other emotions such as anxiety and depression that often accumulate until they take over.


Thank you for introducing me to the idea of the private eye. This new introspective idea has shed light on my past and present emotional life. Emotions can sometimes be difficult to come to terms with, and also at times reflecting on these emotions can make a person unsettled and/or uncomfortable. I think that the private eye can help me understand why my emotions arise in different situations and therefore influence my behavior in the future. Thanks again!

Emily R

Me too! I think that I need to become more introspective. I am not very in touch with my emotions. These questions have really lead me to realize which emotions I am comfortable with.


I love the idea of the private eye. The first picture is such a great visual way to represent that idea. I can close my 2 regular eyes and open the third one in my imagination. With that eye open I feel like an internal light has turned on so I can see better. I am going to think deeply about the ideas in this post. I love them!

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