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Claudia Liliana/rasamalai

Time and circumstance!
Thank you for your reply.:)

Dr. Meyer

I think that we determine whether something is right or wrong based on our values, but also based on how our behavior affects our life. If eating improves your life and harms the planet, then your challenge is to weigh the relative benefits and decide whether you are going to honor your individual versus social concerns. It's a struggle with which we must all grapple. Sometimes we all have to live knowing we have placed our own needs over those of others. I think that's an inevitable part of really taking care of yourself.

Claudia Liliana/rasamalai

But then, is it right or wrong?
I had been a vegetarian for most of my life and reversing to a meat eating diet sometimes troubles me on one side (I view it as immoral), on the other hand I reason that we (my children and I) need proteins and meat is much more affordable than a balanced vegetarian diet.


So right!

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