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Claudia Liliana/rasamalai

I would also love to hear more about these triggers! This 3 parts you've been describing seem like a wonderful map and if only I could learn to read it, it would be a wonderful tool for life! Thank you so much for your posts! :)

Dr. Meyer

Danger usually triggers fear. Rivals usually provoke jealousy and envy. This is what I mean by "predictable reactions to standard triggers". Thanks for asking.


I like this!! I want to know more about "predictable reactions to standard triggers!"

Dr. Meyer

We each have our own connection to these inner realms. Letting your mind roam is fantastic - just as you have done. Thanks you for sharing your associations.

Elsita :)

I can picture the three creatures inside me. This is what I see:
The primitive one tends to act by impulse. That little creature is very strong in me. It is the one that makes me do things without thinking at all. When this creature comes through my art it's great because I get to express myself freely, but when it comes out through other aspects of my personal life it's not so great :o

The social creature comes out more natural. I tend to relate to other people easily, without effort, but that creature gets very sensitive when I feel like I have been judged.

And the 3rd creature is always working hard, specially to keep creature number one under control.
This is only a super basic way to look at these three aspects in my case. I know that I still have a loooooong way to go in order to know them better.

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