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Elsita :)

...there you go again! I meant to say: MEANT in my last comment.

Talking about correcting my English. I used to be terrifying of writing in this language before, I felt so stupid! But I overcame that fear by just doing it over and over again. The more I do it the better at it I get. I still have a long way to go but I'm happy that I am not afraid anymore.
Have a great weekend!

Elsita :)

Sorry, in the last part of my comment I mean to say: I have DRIVEN to our house...

Elsita :)

Thank you!
I loved the video of the baby.
It's so amazing how he kept reaching for the toy even though he was scared of it.
That's how I felt when I went on the freeway for the first time.
I was extremely afraid but i couldn't wait to experience it, I really
wanted to know how it felt doing something that I have been afraid of for so long.
I'm still working on it, but I have drove to our house in the mountains several times now (2-hour drive) and each time I feel better and less afraid. It's a work on progress :)

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